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Quotable Quotes Week 1: What is Measured, Grows

“I’m not problematic, I’m just comfortable”

“If my dad weren’t my dad, I’d date him”

“Your successes are the team's success, so we all celebrate it. But when you fail, it’s not your failure, it’s mine because it means I did not prepare you”

“My cousin brought a house on unemployment checks”

“Don’t talk for an hour every day”

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

“What people say isn’t necessarily what they do”

“I love bad women”

“It was not a crisis, it was a war”

“I have no interest in being a strong African woman”

“I’m Africa, the women are the guardians of the patriarchy”

“Sir, vaginas don’t sweep”

“We keep saying things will change, but change starts in the present”

“Just because you can intellectualize your trauma doesn’t mean you’ve healed from it”

“My narcissism can’t be fooled”

“Everyone either looks more mouseish or ratish”

“We’re good at acknowledging privilege but not good at sitting in it”

“ I am not a minimalist, I am a maximalist”

“I don’t feel like a real person, I feel like a robot. I feel like I’ve spent more time this week observing than feeling”

“If we understood the tenants of democracy, Africa would flourish”

“I need to leave because I cannot heal in the place where I was harmed”

“It doesn’t take much for me to love”

“I have a four-meter python in my freezer. Why? For barbecue”

“What is measured, grows”

“I am not a TV don’t watch me”

“I am from the land of a dream differed, however, the land of hope”

“External processing can be seen as an interruption”

“I am not thinking of you. I am thinking of me and the young girls who count on me”

“Le rêve américaine dit quoi? I can do it. Impossible isn’t true”

“Les droits des hommes est Universal."

“I was going to say tofu but that doesn’t sound expensive”

“I would trade my friends for a good weave”

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