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Quotable Quotes Week 10: Dropping Bombs and Achieving Goals are Two Different Things

“I remind myself that there is no saving of people. They have to save themselves. You can only help”

“If it is the privilege of the United States to depart from international standards, it has been the burden of the rest of the world to indulgent.“

"It’s nice to know that kids halfway across the world are also using google translate to get through their homework”

“Don’t feel bad. Parents are horrible teachers to their kids”

"Next time someone offers to give you a baby, tell them they’re old enough to be your father.”

“Don’t believe the lie we tell ourselves as women that if we set a boundary suddenly we’re the villain”

“Please if I invited you to eat, dont pay. It’s strange to make a woman pay for something. It will upset me if you pay next time”

“When you speak the language someone understands you speak to their head. When you speak their mother tongue, you speak to their heart.”

Comment dit pluie pour les yuex? “

“Dropping bombs and achieving goals are two different things”

“Gotta keep your hair, your heels, and your standards high”

“On a really good day, I’m 5’3”

“If I speak multiple languages to you, and you don’t understand, don’t take it personal, I’m just practicing my craft”

“I’d like to be my old self again but I’m still trying to find it”

“I feel like I’ve done my makeup well when I look like my mom”

“This place definitely caters to white people. Great food presentation, no flavour”

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