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Quotable Quotes Week 12: It is Your Birthright to Explore This World

“It is your birthright to explore this world”

“Having more Black people around increases opportunities to learn and evolve, but that alone doesn’t undo racist systems or thought processes”

“Don’t sign anything unless you can get something in return”

“Having a phone is hard. I need an assistant”

“Is chicken vegan?”

“Just because we’re taking a break from being together doesn’t mean I’ll take a break from being in love with you”

“Even if you intellectually forgive someone in your head, your heart won’t catch up to you”

“How do I make this something that is a reflex and not a trigger”

“You don’t learn anything from your experiences if you don’t reflect on them. That’s not my quote though”

“You have an intimating smile”

“You can’t call me a good girl in front of the students, it’s inappropriate. I don't understand why.

“So is my sister a tyrant? You can’t call her that, it's mean! But you said it means evil!!”

While playing two truths and one lie “I am tall, I have two eyes, and I am white”

“I can’t believe I didn’t mention meat to a Malian”

“I see a snake, I’ll kill it”

“The only way to get used to it is to play with it”

in Dula "My tomatoes are $1000.00. You must have lost your mind. No, I know the worth of my tomatoes."

“You can read my handwriting! No, I can decipher it

“Madam, can I have your number? *SLAP* leave Madam Wassa alone

“I think this man is very charmed by you but he seems a bit too old”

“Home is where the story begins”

“People aren’t anchors. You can’t feel like your world will crumble just because someone leaves”

“He looks like a thumb, but a pretty thumb”

“In my heart, Loki is Black”

“Chris Hemsworth’s weave in Thor 1 is a crime against humanity”

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