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Quotable Quotes Week 13: You Only Acquire Language You Understand

“Queen Elizabeth probably doesn’t even like The Avengers”

“Did you hear that Camilla was president for a day? Do you mean Kamala Harris?”

I’m ready for Kanye’s version of thank u next, or Sour.”

“Do you think people gossip about you? Yeah, I’m interesting”

“I do not want to be understood, I want to be well-spoken”

“You only acquire language you understand”

“You can walk your happy ass out the door”

“I’m gonna stop having wine at Netflix and Chill, I’m gonna start serving Soju”

“You look very posh. Like a New Yorker”

“Thank you for cooking for us. Do you enjoy cooking? No

“I hate the saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Sometimes what doesn’t kill you leaves you scarred”

“What is generic is replaceable”

“I refuse to evacuate with chapped lips”

“La langue est un instrument”

“I feel like I don’t take the time to celebrate when my dreams become my reality.”

“I admire people who challenge me”

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