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Quotable Quotes Week 14: I Call Every Place I Inhabit Home

“You have your own dialect. Wassa African vernacular English”

“The minute I see a Nigerian man, I turn and walk the other way”

“Perseverance aimed at the wrong goal is masochism”

“Oh, I speak English. Sure you do bitch

“My grandmother is the biggest witch I know, but everything is for Jesus”

“I would cry if I could fly”

"Have you ever been peed on by a monkey? No, but someone threw a monkey at me.

“When I was a child, I used to fantasize about being a fallen angel”

“Please don’t sleep with the marines”

“I guess I’m afraid of success because I’m afraid of the responsibilities that will come with it”

“I call every place I inhabit home”

“It’s uncomfortable for people to look at themselves”

“You can only know if something was the right choice after the fact”

“You can’t intellectualize everything because it denies you feeling”

“The American Dream is fever dream”

“The men in Grand Bassam are a special breed of stupid”

“You get converted when you least expect it. Submit yourself to the MCU”

“Do you know you’ve stolen my heart? I’m so sorry

“You question if the friendship is about you or about what you represent”

“You can tell Obama's mixed but not Zendaya?”

“This isn’t English”

“Mrs. Wassa, you’re Mama Christmas and we’re your elves”

“You and Catri make me believe in soulmates because if I can find it in friendship I can find it in romantic love”

“I don’t know if it’ll ever be okay. But I will be”

“How do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?”

rest in power bell hooks ❤️

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