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Quotable Quotes Week 15: We Are Who We Choose To Be

“Knowing love or the hope of knowing love is the anchor that keeps us from falling into that sea of despair”

“Is this called a horse fish? It’s a seahorse babe

“Remember with great power comes great responsibility”

“We are who we choose to be”

“Intelligence is not a privilege, it is a gift”

“Just because something is culture doesn’t mean it’s okay”

“We’ve become Spiderman go back home”

“Scream in lowercase, please”

“Falling out of love is perhaps more powerful than falling in love”

“Family is not necessarily about blood but who you would bleed for”

“Don't try and make your life into a novel. Make it into a book of poems”

“Norman's on sabbatical honey”

“I’m collecting degrees like infinity stones”

“Time here has been such a blessing and I guess I just wish I had the people I love to spend it with”

“I think the word forgiveness is too all-encompassing…we have to give ourselves an idea of forgiveness that doesn’t ignore or deny what happened in the first place”

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