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Quotable Quotes Week 17: You Can't Pin Joy Like a Moth

“The thrill of life is not about who we are but who we are in the process of becoming.”

“Language isn’t all-encompassing, it’s only a way to tag things that we already share”

“You dropping something in my toilet has taught me to never leave the lid up”

“Wearing a mask makes me cough. So does COVID

“You can’t pin joy like a moth”

“The American accent has claimed another victim”

“The best game we’ve got are books”

“Is there a Costco in NYC?”

“I think the 1.50 Costco hotdog deal is the only American tenant that I’d keep after the revolution”

“This is not a hot take. You’re just a moron”

“This is merely Darwinian capitalism”

“Watching a film is a spiritual experience”

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality”
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