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Quotable Quotes Week 19 and 20: If You Ever Date Here, Good Luck

Week 20:

“A culture which isn’t locally grounded is hardly a culture at all”

"How can we reimagine social welfare, so that labor does not correlate with your deservingness to survive a disaster?"

"An abstract is just a fancy word for tl;dr:"

"I wear a fake wedding ring so men leave me alone. Trust me, if we were at a bar, I would not waste time looking at your hands"

“If you ever date here, good luck”

“I’m all about that Grace, about that Grace, no devil” to the tune of "All About that Bass"

“Jack Harlow is like a harder Mac Miller”

“What do you call someone from New York? A New Yorker? No, a Yankee?”

“Miss Wassa, are you going to marry a black or white person?”

“Can I have your number? No

“Who’s your favorite African soccer team? Mali. Why?Why?Why?Why?”

“My job is to just be a vessel for the story”

Week 19:

week 18 was skipped because I lost track of time in quarantine

"Mother tongue isn’t something we teach. It’s something we acquire."
  • "True love is peace of mind"

  • “I think Princess Diana's death was a conspiracy. No that’s a common fact

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