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Quotable Quotes Week 2: It's Not a Pothole. It's a Pond

"All this money and you don’t understand punnet squares”

“Yeah I have my critiques but it means I respect her more”

“I like to think about working alongside the trauma rather than moving past it”

“Men are not wired the way women are”

"I can't tell a deer from a gazelle"

“I have JOMO. The joy of missing out”

“If you want me, you will suffer. The first dyke I met, I made her go down on her knees to just get my name”

“The US embassy left us for a chiropractor appointment”

“I have a cabinet of mentors”

“You can beat my ass, it’s okay, I deserve it”

“A language is a dialect with an army and a navy”

“I think you should explore your androgynous side Wassa, you would pull a lot of girls.”

“You’re wasting your talent and beauty on yourself. Tsk”

“If a bee is coming in too hot, it’s easy to squish. If it’s just buzzing around minding its business, then it will be tolerated”

“I told everybody I’m an enemy of progress”

“I think personality changes, but the character doesn’t” in addition to “when people show them who they are, believe them”

“If you stayed the same, you weren’t meant to be born”

“It should be a rainbow, not a line”

“It’s not a pothole it’s a pond”

“The bird should never forget that he wears glasses”

“When the obstacles you face vary by race and class, then so too do your priorities”

“No woman has to be respectable to be valuable”

“Yogurt’s vegan right?”

“I read Hannah Montana to relate to my daughter”

“The greatest gift God has given me is that I don’t live in my husbands country”

“Maybe that’s why they are so religious. They know what hell feels like”

“I don’t know him, I just know he’s beautiful”

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