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Quotable Quotes Week 29 - 31: A Dream Can be a Distraction Just as Easily as it Can be a Goal

Week 31:

"You’d be a good wife but you’re difficult"

"Wait, you have a boyfriend? I wanted to marry you!!! Can your boyfriend fight??"

"Mommy, I want to go to school in Korea. North Korea? That’s not a good place baby."

"I have so much energy because I just ate." I can’t say the same

"This smells so fresh and healthy." It’s a fruit babe.

"A dream can be a distraction just as easily as it can be a goal"

Week 30:

"Why be a star when you can be a constellation?"

Week 29

"The Bible said ‘Viva rest’

"What’s the name of this song? I love that. Oh, I like that too?! No that’s the name of the song"

"Tell your boyfriend that if he’s mean to you, I’ll kill him"

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