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Quotable Quotes Week 3: Welcome to Africa

“Ask not what you can do for the patriarchy ask what the patriarchy can do for you”

“I’ve never had a bad Chilean wine”

“Malaria ain’t gone do shit to me”

“Y’all I can’t do love”

“I’m already violent. Silence is violence”

“I love khakis”

“The point of West African [or indigenous] education is to make a whole person. The point of Western education is to get a job”

“You get cranky when you’re 27”

“I don't know why they made a big deal. Nobody died from the fireworks”

“I had no business being in a relationship then because I really just needed to go to therapy”

“Lemme get philosophical with these beans”

“We’re more European than the Europeans themselves”

“I knew you were from New York when we started walking”

“God please protect me from Malaria, I know I’ve been acting a fool”

“Your English is hihihi. My English is small small small”

“She’s American. If you keep protesting, a helicopter will come down and scoop her up”

“When I see that ass, I’m already plotting”

“It’s not polyamorous if your partner doesn’t know”

“You’re not poly, you’re a cheater”

To someone who got Malaria “Welcome to Africa”

“This is not vegan food, this is goat food”

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