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Quotable Quotes Week 37 On: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

"Sometimes closure is not good for you"

"Miss Wassa, you are the wife of Pop Smoke"

"She may not be a witch, but she’s the messenger"

“How do you not know Whitney Houston?" I wasn’t alive

"Speak English, please"

"I know these were acts of love but I still need to express my gratitude for them"

"It’s gonna be a hot but celibate girl summer"

"Relationships aren’t hard, you just have to want"

"What got you here won’t get you there"

"Bovine doggies!"

"I stopped treating the world as my audience when I realized my own people could not grasp my work"

"When you live in a world shaped by this intractable loss, where do you go from there?? I think Black Americans have done an incredible job of creating something out of nothing and we should look there first."

"We continue to speak about Africa as though it is the dark continent and ignore the fact that humanity's first spark began here"

"Respect of life is a part of a fear of god"

"Character, as they say of people, is action: what people do tells you who they are:

"Nazi history was not deleted when streets were given back their old names after the defeat of Hitler in Germany"

"There’s no VIP section in heaven!! It’s for the prophets and Mary"

"Sometimes negotiating will get the door closed in your face"

"Accountability doesn’t always look like public humiliation"

"I don’t really know what communism is but I know enough to know he doesn’t"

“Heavy on the inshallah”

“I only date Sahelian women”

“Thank you for being the best part of my Fulbright”

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