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Quotable Quotes Week 4: Some People Don't Need Your Protection

“Human interaction excites me and scares me”

“I hate alligators. They’re my least favorite water thing.”

“Kill the capitalist in your head babes”

“I’ve been ghosted so many times I think I have an abrasive personality”

“BBLs probably aren’t halal”

“She doesn’t speak French”

“I supported the burnt chicken neck”

"Quand la vie est dure, suels les durs avancent” when life gets hard, only the tough advance

I hate that I live in a world where most people of my income level or higher are more interested in moving to a place where they will be on the winning side of the water wars than they are in preventing the water wars.”

“I hate it when people say “let’s decolonize whiteness” babes, you don’t get it”

“No one is going to come to save you just because you’ve poured yourself into them. Don't overextend yourself”

“People are not obligated to help you when you don’t know how to take care of yourself”

“Why are you allowing yourself to be battered and abused? Just because you feel an obligation to them?”

“I cannot have my children asking about my past fiancées. I will simply tell them they died”

“Some people don’t need your protection, they need your support”

“I hate it when mom and dad fight”

“The lesbians have gathered here on this fine day”

“I was thinking about you earlier. Oh is it because you missed me? No, it was something else”

“It’s cuffing season. Bitch I’m an abolitionist, I don’t believe in that”

I have an Apple." *cue vegan laughter*

“The bugs are bugging tonight”

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