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Quotable Quotes Week 5: "You’re getting ready to meet the most important people in your life."

“Wassa I believed in you! These bags are UGLY” about Telfars

“Listen if you aren’t gonna respect my wishes and desires as a woman, you’re gonna respect those of my fake husband. Fuck the patriarchy.”

“I attach myself like a koala.”

“There’s no defining moment that radicalized me. My existence is radicalized”

“You think this school built by slaves will make its students into anti-racists? Babes let’s be realistic.”

“I think if I met my 22-year-old self, I would be gentle with him. Because that’s what he needed.”

“That’s why Haitians are so fast. We have to catch our meals.”

“I wanted to make sure it biodegradable! It’s a coconut babe.

“What you think America is is not really what it is.”

“You’re getting ready to meet the most important people in your life.”

“You can’t plan to meet the important people in your life.”

“Just because you carry things well doesn’t mean they’re not heavy.”

“Blood does not forge intimacy and closeness.”

“I feel like these days naming something subs for thinking and acting on it. Awareness is kind of a trap that way. It's just way too easy to get caught up in the head-trip phase of things, especially when so many of us feel overloaded with information.”

“You speak American or British English? American. Ew you speak ugly English”

“All of my aunties have the consensus that if they weren’t currently married to an African man, they wouldn’t do it.”

"Man your French is BAD"

“I am here to humble people. Not through the CIA babes”

“We are suffering with your English.”

“Be eclectic.”

“She’s my American, I have to feed her.”

“Liberation is not a sprint, it is a marathon”

“So you woke up today and chose to harm someone who looks like your mother.”

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