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Quotable Quotes Week 6: “Law doesn’t intervene unless there’s an issue”

“My sisters are my greatest form of birth control”

“The women here are so beautiful I have to remind myself that I’m straight”

“My inner child doesn’t need cuddles she needs money”

“Please refer to me as la blanche”

“I’m afraid of men oh”

“You think they’d be an attractive man in our presence and I wouldn’t mention him?”

“Are you single?? Yes. Good”

“I will find that mosquito and I will kill it”

“In order to dedicate this much of your time to something, you have to be a very special person” (about PhDs)

“Law doesn’t intervene unless there’s an issue”

“People’s lives aren’t just trauma”

“Watching Anime is inner child work”

“I am not the problem. I am a somewhat okay person”

“60° in California, even if the sun is out, you can still feel the chill in your bones”

“What is your experience interacting with the snow? What is your daily life”

“Would you tell me if you were gonna kill me? I would try not to but I’m bad at keeping secrets”


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