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Quotable Quotes Week 7: "Holy shit. Am I wasting this? Am I making this worthwhile?"

“E’s been demoted from wife to sister”

“Early Christianity is so cute”

“Babies deserve respect automatically”

“I love ambiguous emojis”

“Holy shit. Am I wasting this? Am I making this worthwhile? Am I fighting hard enough to get things done”

“Cutting ass is a love language”

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, people will laugh at you”

“I think I want to go WWOOF in Japan. You want to go to Japan and buy a wolf?

“Not every tall lanky white man with glasses looks like Harry Potter”

“I was tossing and turning and each way I turned you were there to receive me”

“My toe could be a model”

“You make me want to have a child”

“You’re cute. I don’t understand why you don’t have a husband”

“I think cats are very selfish”

“I know we need to go somewhere else because we are surrounded by too many white people”

“Men here simply are not subtle. They will tell you they’ve been watching you “

“You can’t get mad at kids copying out of their books when that’s all they’ve been taught”

“You think the men here are interested in learning English? No! They want to bag a white lady”

“I think I know the lyrics of all Katy Perry songs against my own will”

“Every day is ethnographic research if you want it to be”

“Why Africa? Because I always find a family here”

“Why does Madame Wassa not want to force herself to speak French as we do to speak english”

“Am I a slave? No. Are you a slave? No

“Gaslighting my kids is okay if it helps them learn right??”

“I don’t want to treat the US embassy as my personal country club. I don’t see the issue with that

“The capacity to reach an audience some of the time became contorted into the right to reach every audience all of the time. The rhetoric about social media started to assume an absolute liberty always to be heard; any effort to constrain or limit users’ ability to spread ideas devolved into nothing less than censorship. But there is no reason to believe that everyone should have immediate and constant access to everyone else in the world at all times.”

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