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Quotable Quotes Week 8: Africans Love Loudly

“She lost her ever-loving mind”

“A wise woman once said ‘god it’s brutal out here’”

“Your Ivy League education allowed you to put on a Z backwards”

“Claymation is unsettling”

“Every bush is a convenient bush”

“Africans love loudly”

“It’s hard not to feel like the main character when people ask to take your photo at a thousand person festival”

“There’s a woman here, she’s German, she doesn’t speak a lick of French”

“This is Donna the stress lemon”

“Right now I need to focus on not getting arrested at school”

“Are you gonna rig an election? No, I'm gonna stage a coup

“To really know a culture you need to know the language”

“How much money do you think you’d save if you didn’t drink so much wine? I don’t want to think about it. It’s a necessary expense

I’m a very collaborative person. I’m sure that’s what the missionaries said when they first came to Africa.”

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