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Quotable Quotes Week 9: Language is Like Music

“I feel like adulthood is having a bedtime”

“Say NO to Malaria!"

“Language is like music. Once you know the rhythm, you have it”

“I’m not going to exhaust my energy speeding up for someone who wouldn’t slow down for me”

“Love is messy. Like a grilled cheese”

“Old love is different. A bit more realistic maybe”

“What about the benefits of incompatibility”

“One clap for the speaker. Just one? Miss Wassa we don’t have time for applause”

“Please call me MJ. Micheal Jackson”

“There’s only so much where you can deviate in a pre made system”

“Anyone can teach the highest achievers in the class. The reason we spend so much time training to be teachers is so we can reach those who are struggling”

“Is it a behavior issue or is it something they can’t control?”

“On va faire un coup d’état”

“Salute, Peter”

“This isn’t a war, it’s a genocide”

"ADHD is not a disorder,... Rather it is an evolutionary mismatch to the modern learning environment we have constructed.”

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