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Quotable Quotes Weeks 21 - 24: Theory is An Art, Decolonization is a Practice

I know I've been slacking with these lately, but it just means that I am busy and present enough to not write every moment down! These past few weeks have some gems though.

Week 24:

"We will bloom into a new love"

"The French have done really good PR bc everyone thinks they have beautiful men"

"In France, it’s illegal to call sparkling wine champagne if it’s not from the region”

“I look Ivorian enough that I’m not exciting until I open my mouth”

“Good comedy requires good writing”

“I know you cried during Spiderman"

“Before I’m Puerto Rican, I'm a hater”

Week 23

"Tea is just water." I’ll forgive you for that indiscretion.

"We are not our worst moments and everyone is deserving of love. But you don’t get to demand where that love comes from."

“Your birthday is the 19th, three days after Uncharted comes out, so I remember”

“Kim Kardashian!" She's not Black baby (again after I asked about famous Black Americans"

“Miss Wassa! Valentine’s Day is not for parents!!”

“Theory is an art, decolonization is a practice"

"I’m waiting for that fly to buzz past your ear so you’ll get annoyed and kill it”

“Mosquitos are my villain origin story”

“Any questions about the lesson? Miss Wassa Miss Wassa. Valentines is coming. Where is your boyfriend?

“Pain perdu. Lost bread?" Yes, but it means French toast...

“What do you think my superpower is?" You’re mean

Week 22:

“I am living some people’s dreams, so I must treat it well”

“English is a language of creation”

“We have mistaken the regular hardships of life as trauma”

“Does true love exist today?" No, just money.

“Can you name some famous Black Americans?" Joe Biden! Nelson Mandela! "Okay, I have some extra credit work for you”

“Please do not compare my grandfather to Nick Cannon”

“The Cupid Shuffle is like the hokey pokey for Black people”

Week 21:

"The journey towards sexual freedom is not a linear one nor one that is fixed. Freedom is a state that we are constantly seeking to reach”

"You don’t discover yourself by sticking to well-trodden paths"

"For many Africans in the diaspora, their very existence has been shaped by travel"

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