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Quotable Quotes Weeks 26 - 28: Suffering is Overrated

clearly, I've been busy. here are some top quotes from the past month

Week 28:

"Suffering is overrated"

“We can have hot girl syndrome together”

“Consistency should be the only love language you accept”

“Come through with the sauce Jesus”

“I don’t want a career, I just want to read and write”

“I like women who look like vampires"

Week 27:

“I believe marathons, not sprints for the movement”

“Every day is a good day to learn how to use chopsticks”

“It’s extraordinary that sworn enemies can find a common ground in each other’s prejudices”

"When were you born, 2002? Do you want to die? Take that back"

“This isn’t Hawaii, get back in the pool!”

“You need to let go of the fear of water. It is simple, but not easy”

Week 26:

"No French?! No questions!!"

"I don’t think there’s justice in having to persevere through pain."

"I don’t think there’s any fairness in people with marginalized identities having to find solace despite intense suffering."

“When I experienced the cold weather in Europe, I understood how white people can suffer. I began to pity them”

“Are you at ease with me?” Yes. “Why are you so easily angered” I’m not. “You seem aggravated now”

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