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Quotable Quotes Weeks 32 - 34:Speaking Truth in the Face of Oppression is the Greatest Form of Jihad

Week 34:

"Speaking truth in the face of oppression is the greatest form of Jihad"

"If we are to take seriously that oppressive policing is not a problem of individual 'bad apple' cops, then it must follow that a singular indictment will have little to no impact on ending police violence”

Week 33:

"You know, I’m excited for judgment day."

“But just because something is “part of the culture” doesn’t mean that certain behaviors aren’t unwelcome or even hurtful.”

“As much as I want to solve my culture shock through logic, the process of cultural adaptation is both an intellectual and emotional one'

"When you’re in doubt, just do it. If you regret it, you regret it but at least you know you did it"

Week 32:

"Your lack of boundaries & standards with men is actively anti-feminist for all women”

"What’s the point of rushing if you’re not going in the same direction "

"Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Meaning does."

“I’m not a nerd. I’m a slave. There’s a difference”

“Maybe we’re supposed to meet the wrong people so that when the right one arrives, we truly know the gift they are”

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