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Teaching Chronicles - Small Moments

Kids are funny. Here are things they've done to make me laugh or think. I've also added things they seem to like and things they hate


"Miss Wassa are you married? No. Why not? Where is your husband now?"

"You could be 48 I think."

"SHUT UP SVP. Miss Wassa is speaking"

"Are you a professor? I want to call you my sister"

“It’s A university, not AN university. But why? Why why why why why?

"I have a question. Shoot. Is it that you can't speak French, or you won't speak to us? Good distinction between can't and won't. You didn't answer my question Miss Wassa"

During a game of two truths, one lie; "I am tall, I have two eyes, and I am white. No, no, no the lie has to be believable. Mine is!"

"Miss Wassa. Valentine's is coming. Where is your boyfriend?"

"It's the last day, please speak French"

"No French, no questions"

Things my kids are into:

  • Hangman

  • Tongue twisters

  • Board race

  • Two Truths and a Lie (but the lie is usually obvious, like “ I am white”)

  • The Test Corrections Game (split the class in two and give points for each right answer as you review exams or the textbook quizzes)

  • Bingo - I’m not sure why, but my kids go CRAZY over this

  • The chance to ask me personal questions

Things my kids are NOT into

  • Making Valentines’ Day Cards

  • Simon Says

  • Unpacking Idioms

  • Me refusing to speak French in English class (“No French, no questions!!!!”)

English Club

This is a song one of my students came up with. I'm not sure who hurt her like this...


Please don't cry, I'm just here with you now

Please don't cry, it's weird to see your teary eyes

And when you are in sadness,

My heart just goes in pieces

I can't support this pain

I just wanna see you smile

Small Moments I Cherish

my kids researching and sharing their findings on famous Black Americans for Black History Month!!!

The assignment that spurred these findings. I also said I would give 20 extra points to anyone who could tell me something about Delta that I didn't already know. Spoiler alert, no one could

a snapshot of a lesson on crime and violence, where we discussed bystander intervention and the textbook's erroneous blame of sexual assault on women's provocation and men's attraction. to help explain why this is wrong, I asked my students if being hungry justified stealing food from a child. after a unanimous "no" I then asked if hunger is not an excuse to steal, why is attraction an excuse to hurt someone? we then spent the rest of the class discussing how to safely intervene if we see someone being harassed, and a good amount of my kids found me after class with follow-up questions. easily one of my best teaching days so far


a revolutionary can die but never their fight

literally: be above what you are looking for, interpretation: aim for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

Jesus is king, I love him

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