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Weekend Adventure: A Golden Wedding Anniversary

Like with any job, we have weekends off here to relax, explore, and catch up with friends. I am generally a homebody and will frequently worm my way out of plans for Netflix. But on the last weekend in September, I agreed at the last minute to attend a 50th wedding anniversary.

One of my cohort members has an old English teacher in Abidjan that she frequently sees. This teacher’s parents were celebrating their anniversary and invited us to their party. For any non-West Africans, this may sound strange, but it is very common to invite acquaintances (or even strangers) to large celebrations like these. Large weddings and parties are an opportunity to celebrate the couple, so the more the merrier.

The party was an all-white, mostly family affair, so we got to dress up, eat great food, and meet some local Ivoirans, all while celebrating the beautiful couple. The ceremony was a lot like a wedding; the couple was presented to us, religious leaders spoke, and their close friends shared memories of their enduring love. After pictures and dancing, the couple cut their cake, surrounded by friends and family cheering “kiss kiss kiss.” But like any proper African couple, the max PDA they gave was some tender hand-holding.

It was honestly a very beautiful experience and I am so grateful that the couple allowed us to share this moment with them. I might have cried. I may also be seriously considering getting married now so I can have a 50th anniversary just like this one. The entire event left me feeling warm and full in the best ways possible. It was a great way to spend my weekend.

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